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Fiddler girl by StefanPWinc Fiddler girl by StefanPWinc

I have yet to reveal this before, but alex is a music lover, and her favorite genre is not Rock, It's actually Folk, specifically Irish and Country folk
She's a little shy about her talents around her friends, because she's afraid of making mistakes in front of them.
But she is actually a pretty talented Fiddler, Penny whistler, Harmonica player, Guitar player, and, yes, Singer.

She loves to perform at irish folk festivals, county fairs, and anyone else who wants her to perform

She spends hours relaxing and practicing in the woods and in the barn, listening to the birds and wind as she plays :3

She learns almost everything by ear, though she's gotten a few books, and can 'go along' with sheet music

She looks maybe a little older in this one, more like a mid-teen, but oh well ^^


Her Bio (WIP):

Name: Alex (short for Alexandra)

Gender: Female (though people sometimes mistake her for a boy)

Age: 11 (6’th grade)

Height: 155 cm, 5ft 1in

Weight: 84LB , 38 KG

Appearance: dark blond, messy hair, sometimes in short loose pigtails, sometimes in a short pony-tail, sometimes short and sometimes longer (cuts her own hair when she feels like it) blue-green eyes, Irish/german/swis etc. heritage, Usually tanned (farmers tan)

Character: Tomboy, clever & quick-witted, stands up for others more so than she stands up for her self (often confronts bullies), brave, athletic, caring… if she likes you, if she hates you… not so much, doesn’t mind getting dirty, hard working, determined

Usually dresses like a boy
Tops: t-shirts (mainly), sweatshirts, hoodies, sleeveless t-shirts, tank tops, nothing (sometimes, with overalls, usually with coveralls) doesn’t wear a bra (and has small breasts, so she doesn’t need ‘em, she tries to act like she doesn’t care, and SHE doesn’t but she’s worried others will)
Bottoms: usually wears baggy jeans or baggy overalls, sometimes wears suspenders with jeans, sometimes wears baggy sweatpants, cargo or corduroys or other pants (esp in the fall and winter)(and baggy shorts in hot summer), sometimes wears coveralls

Often wears a hat (baseball cap, news boy or other non-fancy hats)
Her pants often have fading, rips, patches and mud/grass/oil/paint stains
Hates wearing anything girly or fancy (but will, once or twice, wear a plain summer dress).
Usually fills her pockets with useful things, pencils, paper, compass, band aids etc.
Sometimes has scratches cuts or bruises, especially on knees and elbows
Sometimes goes bare footed, if not she wears worn-out sneakers or boots

Likes: Animals, Pizza, Ice cream, Cookies, Baggy Clothes, Helping people, Nature, fruits and veggies, and candy (esp. chocolate) (tries to not eat too much)

Favorite Activities/hobbies: soccer (she calls it football, since it makes sense to her), farming and taking care of her animals, basketball, Mountain biking, skateboarding, and snow boarding, Fishing, rock climbing, Karate/martial arts (has Black belt), track, most sports and outdoor/physical activities, Mechanics (adopted the roll of mechanic at home, fixing up their 21 year old truck, gets summer job as mechanic)/Carpentry, gardening, cooking, and videogames (she owns a second-hand slightly broken Nintendo 64).

Doesn’t like: people calling her just a ‘girl’ or telling her to act like more like a girl *hilarity begins when someone tries, but will ultimately fail* , mosquitoes (the only thing she will kill on sight), bullies/mean people, lazy people, spoiled people, Shopping (except for special things), being sick, poison ivy and stinging nettle (of which she sometimes has on her arms)

Personal hero: Temple Grandon and Amelia Earhart

Favorite characters: Scout finch from to kill a mocking bird, Leslie from Bridge to terrabithia. Fern from Charlotte's web

Random other traits:

Alex lives on a small farm, with chickens, cows, goats, and her horse, and also her cat and dog, and plenty of crops, she loves being a farm girl and doesn’t mind getting dirty (and is the one who does most of the work).

Does good at classes she likes (esp: science and PE), and bad at classes she doesn’t like, or finds boring (depends on teacher, and what is taught)

Alex is also part of 4H club

Sparing and a bit frugal, but generous. (gives gifts, but doesn’t buy expensive clothes and the like) (gets most clothes second hand or hand me downs, used bike, used skate&snow board) (Her Family has gone through financial hardships as well)

Has a high metabolism, is very active, eats a lot but stays skinny

Rarely eats red meat (usually only thanksgiving and Christmas), and when she does she makes sure it was humane (from her own farm, usually, she lets animals live long and only kills and eats them when they are close to dying). And any other meat she eats she tries to do it humanely and quickly. (But she is obsessed with killing mosquitoes, who she has sworn to be her mortal enemy ) She’ll get really mad at you if you kill something for fun, like kick your ass, beat you up angry…


Her father is a biology teacher at a university, and doesn’t get to be a father often during the school year, in the free time he has during the summer, he tries to make it up to her by playing with her and teaching her things about nature. Because of her fathers work, Alex is often home alone, and has main responsibility for the farm.

Her mother died when she was a little girl (toddler) for reasons her father won’t discuss.

Her father also has a hard time being with alex because she reminds him of her mom

Alex has an aunt in law that she despises, primarily because she wants her to be girlier and more lady like.
She’s given her girly dresses, which she’s ripped up, died and used for patches on her pants, or other wise made sure she rips up and dirties them.
She tries to teach Alex lady manners… which hasn’t worked very well either.
She’s tried to get her to… well, the rest you’ll see on a funny little side comic strip called Alex’s girlifieing adventures ^^ (along with maddy, a girly friend from school, and minor character)

Alex had an older brother, named Conner. He was 12 years older than her, he was very loving to her, and used to play with her a lot. “I’m lucky to have you as a little sister, because its like having a little sister and a little brother at the same time” she would always laugh at that. He was very outdoorsy and sporty like Alex is. Many of Alex’s clothes are hand me downs from her older brother. When Alex was 7 he went off to war, he disappeared and was never found, presumed dead. Alex secluded herself for a month, but finally got somewhat over it, because she knew he would have wanted her to stay in school and live on happily with out him. But, when she’s older, she thinks about finding out what happened to her brother, she would join the army but… she hates guns and violence… so that doesn’t work

Despite this Alex usually is a happy kid

Alex’s other relatives include her aunt and uncle, and her 4 cousins (2 girls 2 boys) in Tennessee, they live on a farm as well.
Her oldest cousin in a 16 year old punk tomboy, who alex likes, and looks up to, except that she can be very aggressive, violent, and stubborn at times.
The two boys are twin boys (not identical), they together are mischievous trouble makers, and alex is sometimes amused by them, sometimes annoyed, and sometimes she joins them in their pranks ^^
The youngest girl in a 6 year old who thinks she’s a princess, alex is highly annoyed with her girlyness, spoiled ness (does not work on the farm if she can avoid it), and tries to get her to be more like a tomboy.
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Sylfira Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg I luv it ^^
StefanPWinc Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ty ^^
I see you like the violin/fiddle :3
Think i should draw another one of alex showing off her musical side? ^^
Sylfira Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
absolutely :)
StefanPWinc Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok then ^^
Luiz4200 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
Exactly which charity?
StefanPWinc Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Alex: *taking a break from playing and drinking from a water bottle and munching on a sandwich* I'll probably divide it up between a couple, Some to food shelves, some to a homeless shelter... wait... i do tons of volunteering at homeless shelters anyway..., so not as much to that... um... some to food and medicine for impoverished kids in other countries *thinks for a second, then glances back at you* do you have any suggestions for charities? :) and do you have a song request? :D *finishes her sandwich, wipes the crumbs off her face and the bib and lap of her overalls, and looks at her guitar, fiddle, tin whistle, and harmonica, trying to decide what to play next*
Match25 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
as cute as ever
StefanPWinc Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Alex: *Smiles* Thanks sir, have a request? :)
Match25 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
lying on your stomach, bare feet in the air as you are kicking the butt of the bad guy in a video game
StefanPWinc Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*giggles* Maybe when i'l done playin' for the fair, but... I meant requests as in music ^^'
Yitzin Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Or maybe because she fears others will abuse of those talents, which happens often with drawing. But of course with music, singing and dancing is more about mistakes.

For example, I don't tell everyone about my drawings for fear of getting unwanted requests. Might sound selfish but I just draw what comes to my mind and period.
StefanPWinc Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That too, she loves performing for crowds sometimes, but most of the time enjoys her solitude with music and nature :3
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